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These pages are not children or descendants of the Home page. Therefore, they fall outside of the site hierarchy and are Orphan Pages. They need to be placed into the site hierarchy to be properly discovered.

Focus first on the pages that don't have a Parent listed.

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insider-tipsInsider Tips
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primo-brandPrimo Brand
bowls-and-feedersBowls & Feeders
blogMy Store Blog
blueberriesBlueberriesDelicious Fruit
watermelonWatermelonDelicious Fruit
kiwiKiwiDelicious Fruit
strawberriesStrawberriesDelicious Fruit
pineappleFresh Pineapple From HawaiiDelicious Fruit
granny-smith-applesGranny Smith ApplesDelicious Fruit
vegetablesVegetablesFood & Treats
dairyDairyFood & Treats
fruitDelicious FruitFood & Treats
nutsNutsFood & Treats
fishFishFood & Treats
poultryPoultryFood & Treats
porkPorkFood & Treats
beefBeefFood & Treats
product-careProduct CareInfo Etc.
searchSearchInfo Etc.
what-it-s-like-dating-george-washingtonWhat It's Like Dating George WashingtonMy Store Blog
ten-small-but-important-things-to-observe-in-camelotTen Small But Important Things To Observe In CamelotMy Store Blog
learn-how-to-make-more-money-with-chickenLearn How To Make More Money With ChickenMy Store Blog
the-5-reasons-tourists-love-bunniesThe 5 Reasons Tourists Love BunniesMy Store Blog
this-story-behind-woodstock-will-haunt-you-foreverThis Story Behind Woodstock Will Haunt You ForeverMy Store Blog
section3Test Section 3Test Section 2
section4Test Section 4Test Section 2
section2Test Section 2TESTING
section1Test Section 1TESTING
test-pagingTest PagingTESTING
test-upload-fileTest Upload FileTESTING
test-multi-add-contentsTest Multi-Add ContentsTESTING
item1This and ThatTESTING
test-item-downoloadableTest Item DownloadTESTING
item6Wedding GlassesTESTING
test-item-3-duplicateTest Item 3TESTING
blog-post-test-1Post Test 1TESTING
test-inventoryTest InventoryTESTING
test-dressTest DressTESTING
test-all-sale-itemsAll Sale ItemsTESTING
item3Collectible Toy Cars Made Of Tin And AluminumTESTING
downloadable-productDownloadable ProductTESTING
item5Event TicketTESTING
foodFood & TreatsTESTING
free-product-1Free Product 1TESTING
0002Mantel ClockTESTING
0001Manual TypewriterTESTING
test-all-itemsAll ItemsTESTING
item2Proboscis Monkey Sponsorship Program Annual CommittmentTESTING
test-font-faceTest Font FaceTESTING
bell-peppersBell PeppersVegetables